From England to America: Exhibition planned

Family portrait: the King family from England

We are currently in the process of planning an exhibition about English migration to North America. The exhibition will focus on the general migration story of the English, but also their club culture (see also our recent video on the subject). The exhibition will be hosted in the Addlestone Library at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, and will be opened at the end of May 2013 during the city’s Spoleto Festival. We will also bring with us a group of Morris dancers from Hexham who will perform, and we will give talks on the English in North America.

So here’s where you could come in and help us! We have a lot of good material, but we are keen on telling a genuine community story. So if, by any chance, you have any material in a box in your basement or up in the attic that might include any colourful additional exhibit for our exhibition, please do get in touch. Perhaps you have an old photograph from your ancestors coming out to North America, an image of their first home, or even their ticket over? Or maybe your ancestors were members of English societies such as St George’s societies and you have some memorabilia that you could share with us for the exhibition? Or is there an old bundle of letters? If you feel that you may have items that would be interesting to display, please do get in touch with us. Contact details here. And please spread the word.

The exhibition will focus on the period up to 1920 in particular and will come to the UK (Newcastle upon Tyne) in 2014 as part of the end-of-project activities we’ll be organising in connection with our research.

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