Join us on Twitter for #Englandhour!

Credit where credit is due: our Scottish friends on Twitter have had a marvellous idea on how to engage with other Scotophiles about all things Scottish. They are having a chat on Twitter every last Wednesday of the month called #Scotlandhour. Each #Scotlandhour has a specific theme, but ultimately it’s all about talking about Scotland, promoting the country and sharing stories with those equally interested in Scotland.

So we think that when an idea is really good – as #Scotlandhour definitely is – it is worth thinking about doing something similar. So how about a monthly #Englandhour on Twitter? We’re very keen on getting this up and running, but we’d love to have some supporters before we get started. Are you on board for this? Here’s our idea for a Twitter #Englandhour:

When: Every third Tuesday of the month, 9-10pm UK time[*] – so the first Englandhour will be on 17 July 2012.

How does it work? This is a chat on Twitter for one hour, so to keep track of all posts, comments and questions, use the hash-tag #Englandhour with all your tweets during #Englandhour. So it’s really easy – just tweet your thoughts/stories/pictures etc and add #Englandhour.

Inaugural theme: We were thinking that a really good theme to start off our #Englandhour initiative would be ‘Englishness’. So for the #Englandhour on 17 July, tweet about what being English means to you; what you like about England; or English traditions – the list goes on, and anything along these lines would be fab.

Will you be joining is? We hope you will and that we will see you for the first #Englandhour on Twitter on 17 July between 9-10pm UK time.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no place in #Englandhour for racial or nationalist abuse. We will report anyone tweeting racist or nationalist content.


[*] 9-10pm UK time is the time our Scottish friends have been using very successfully as it seems to work ok for those interested in participating who live in the UK as well as those abroad. So we’d like to try this for the first #Englandhour too. That said, we’re open to alternative suggestions for the future if you think that this is not a good time after all.


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