How British do you feel?

The Guardian has recently launched a new themed series called Disunited Kingdom? The series explores issues around identity within the UK, and has already looked at Scottish independence, devolution in Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the understanding of Britishness among people of African and Caribbean heritage. Among the newest articles you will also find Only England fails to foresee the demise of its first empire, and As devolution gathers pace, what do English voters want?

Perhaps the most interesting findings of the series so far, however, are the results of a survey carried out, asking Would you describe yourself as British? As the Guardian reveals today, “[r]esponses from more than 16,500 people showed that of the four countries of the UK only residents of England were the most likely to call themselves British when they were asked to “plant a flag” where they lived, with a large majority of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish residents rejecting that label.”

What do you think? Whether you live at home in the UK or abroad, how British do you feel? Or are you English? Or both? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in comments to this post.

One thought on “How British do you feel?

  1. I am utterly proud to be both English and British – with a very slight preference for being ‘English’, I think. I have a deep interest in the history of the North-East of England and, as a native of Newcastle, am well aware of my city’s awkward historical relationship with the Scots – but I don’t have any negative vibes about any of the Celtic nations. I am very English when it comes to sporting clashes with the other home nations, but am equally as proud of what we have all achieved together as ‘the UK’. I have no real problem with the Scots, Welsh and Irish going their own way – nothing can take away what we’ve achieved together these past few hundred years.


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